You have changed. 

And so have I. 

To be an Artist is to follow the whims, intuitions, inspirations and circumstances that we use to create. 

I have been very, very lucky. For the last 15 years I found support and love from the industry, friends and fans, and I’m grateful to many people for believing in me. 
Diverse producers and record labels gave my music a home: from Claude Von Stroke’s mad cool Dirtybird to the house music kings Defected, I got to work with Diplo and Ninja Tune, and amongst a multitude of remixes I had the privilege of working with personal heroes Depeche Mode and Underworld. 

I have started and run several labels, produced tons of vinyls under different aliases, and I wrote a song,“The Partylife”, to celebrate the fun hedonism of many years of touring as a DJ, and the myriad of friends I met on the road. Hundreds of clubs, smokey backstages, laughs..

Blurry memories indeed.. 

Alongside my own records, I have composed songs, sounds and jingles for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Mulberry, Nike, and many more. My music has appeared on Tv, movies, and even in my favourite video game ever, GTA. Now, that’s a personal highlight. 

Every phase we go through is a new chapter. 

The Virus has brought all of us to a halt.

- FREEZE! - 

But we won’t stop. 

As an Artist I need to to move forward, and use this time to evolve my craft. 

I have designed and built a new studio, filled it with fantastic machines, and equipped it so I can record musicians from anywhere in the world using internet. 

Their melodies, traditional sounds and experiences are a powerful reminder of how beautifully diverse music is, and I want to celebrate this with my songs. 

I'll never try to fit in a specific genre, all I care about is to make music that you want to listen to. 


We all change, all the time. 

How boring if we didn’t.